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Your Data’s Journey to the Cloud

  • Erin Coleman
    Sr. Director, Service Management, Virtustream
  • Scott DesBles
    Principal Technologist, Boomi
Runtime: 14: 27
Thursday, February 25, 2021 in Cloud, Customer Experience, Partners, Support

Virtustream Cloud Expert Series · Ep. #004: Your Data’s Journey to the Cloud, featuring E. Coleman, Virtustream and S. DesBles, Boomi

In this podcast, Virtustream’s Erin Coleman is joined by Boomi’s Scott DesBles to discuss the end-to-end journey of a customer’s data when migrating to the cloud. Our experts provide real-world examples and cover the big trends, from the most common mistakes made by IT organizations in the migration process, to leveraging new tools and services, to understanding when support should properly begin to ensure a smooth and secure journey for a customer’s mission-critical data. The pair also explore how integration between systems in a hybrid and multicloud world has become an essential part of the data journey, including the importance of real-time response times for both providers and their customers.

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