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Healthcare IT Game-Changer: Cloud Services

  • Dr. Tim Calahan
    Director of Healthcare Product Strategy & Management
  • Tim Nash
    Vice President, Sales – Global Healthcare
Runtime: 21:22
Wednesday, October 20, 2021 in Cloud, Events, Healthcare

Virtustream Cloud Expert Series · Ep. #005: Healthcare IT Game-Changer: Cloud Services

In this podcast, Virtustream’s Dr. Tim Calahan and Tim Nash discuss their big takeaways from one of the largest healthcare IT conferences, HIMSS 2021. Held in Las Vegas this year, the conference’s hottest topic focused on the healthcare industry’s unprecedented urgency in managing the massive wave of patient care needs and rapid work-from-home initiatives that were both driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtustream’s experts also held deep conversations with customers about their growing cybersecurity concerns in the face of increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks across the industry. Tim and Tim also share their thoughts on digital transformation, electronic health records, and the sharply rising interest in healthcare-focused cloud solutions and services.

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