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Application Management Services

From conceptual design through implementation and ongoing maintenance, Virtustream's Application Management solutions, and industry-leading Service Level Agreements, enable companies to expand capabilities and nimbly respond to changing business needs and priorities while controlling costs and reducing risk. Virtustream draws on its unrivaled legacy and deep expertise in virtualized enterprise solutions and outsourcing to partner with businesses to create solutions that offer significant operational efficiencies and return on investment.

Virtustream Corporate Overview

Virtustream LLC is the leading provider of cloud services designed to address the unique challenges of enterprise mission-critical applications. Designed from the ground up solve the engineering challenges of delivering the performance, IOPS, security, regulatory compliance, and assured service levels that enterprises demand from their cloud based compute and storage platforms. Coupled with professional services, migration, and application management services, Virtustream provides a complete cloud platform to help enterprises simplify operations and focus on driving their business forward.

Virtustream Enterprise Cloud

Powered by xStream® cloud management platform, Virtustream Enterprise Cloud is the only platform designed specifically for handling complex IT landscapes—with a specialty in mission-critical applications.

Virtustream Global Infrastructure Footprint

Virtustream delivers cutting edge cloud services designed for mission-critical applications wherever you need them - globally. No matter your global challenge – lowering latency to your users, addressing regional regulatory compliance issues, improving scale and redundancy, or managing international divisions and acquisitions, Virtustream has you covered. Let our experts handle the operations, delivering leading SLAs at the infrastructure and application level, while your experts focus on growing your business.

Virtustream Healthcare Cloud - Payers

Health IT cloud adoption is accelerating in support of rapid digital transformation, causing health plan organizations to consider cloud-based Epic Payer Platform adoption as an innovative way to deliver value-based care. This platform adoption presents an opportunity for insurers to use cloud as a method to boost interoperability between themselves and healthcare providers while streamlining administrative processes. Capitalize on this opportunity by leveraging a HIPAA-HITECH and SOC2+HITRUST compliant cloud service designed to meet the demands of the healthcare industry.

Virtustream Healthcare Cloud - Providers

Healthcare IT is embracing the digital transformation, expanding their use of EHRs, improving patient engagement, and connecting EHRs with new precision health platforms. By leveraging Virtustream Healthcare Cloud, healthcare decision makers are able to modernize their health IT infrastructure without a major up-front investment in new hardware, software or infrastructure services.

Virtustream Portfolio Overview

Virtustream, a Dell Technologies business, is the enterprise-class cloud solutions provider focused on delivering mission-critical public, private, and hybrid cloud technologies and services to enterprises, governments, and service providers worldwide. The Virtustream portfolio combines the flexibility, scalability, and economic benefits customers expect from public cloud, with the service-level driven performance, reliability, and security capabilities they require for enterprise, healthcare, and cloud-native application development environments.


Archiving and Data Management Solutions

Whether you are planning an SAP S/4HANA® migration or an SAP® ECC system migration to SAP HANA®, it is still considered best practice to evaluate your SAP data and associated documents. By combining proven best practice, innovative tools and SAP add-on applications, Virtustream helps you achieve these best practices while tailoring our solutions and services to meet your specific business needs.

Federal Government

Virtustream helps public sector and federal government organizations drastically increase the performance and reliability of their mission-critical applications — including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and many others. Additionally, with vast experience and proven, repeatable processes, Virtustream helps organizations navigate the complexities of digital transformation and modernization.

Managed Cloud Solutions for Blackbaud CRM

Virtustream Enterprise Cloud for Blackbaud CRM provides deep, multi-layered logical and physical security and compliance, helping non-profits to meet tough regulations and continually changing industry requirements.

SAP In the Cloud

Virtustream Enterprise Cloud, optimizes SAP environments with better performance and availability, enterprise-class security and compliance, application automation, cost efficiency, and managed services.

US State/Local Governments and Education

US public sector entities face increasing pressure to deliver more with fewer resources. Designed from the ground-up to support mission-critical, performance-intensive applications, Virtustream’s IaaS cloud leverages industry-leading technology based on more than 10 years of virtualization experience, combined with best-in-class security features to support the vast array of state and local government agency applications.

Virtustream - SAP - Partner Profile

As an SAP-certified provider of cloud services, Virtustream manages, operates, and delivers heavyweight, back-office enterprise SAP® applications in the cloud to enable better performance, lower costs, faster disaster recovery, and superior elasticity as demands change.



Both a fundamental unit of measure for cloud resources, and a core cloud architectural and management principle, the µVM is used throughout Virtustream's clouds and the xStream cloud management software as a tool for metering workloads, managing resources and optimizing performance.


Organizations working with mission-critical applications and data in today’s multicloud world require a high-level display of their environment’s key data points which can be easily understood to make informed decisions. Virtustream’s business portal, xStreamOne, simplifies reporting for enterprises and healthcare organizations leveraging Virtustream’s services by providing immediate access to up-to-date, priority system and services information.

Security and Compliance

Virtustream and the GDPR

Virtustream helps customers better manage security and privacy risk. Some of the high risk European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) obligations that Virtustream can assist an organization with in their quest to manage risk more effectively and efficiently include the areas of data security, incident management, and accountability principle.

Virtustream Government Cloud Solutions

Public sector IT decision makers are facing unprecedented pressure to adapt to the delivery and consumption of technological services. With this technological demand, the goal is to find a cloud provider who can deliver a platform that meets the highest performance, uptime and security demands while simultaneously lowering overall costs of ownership.

Virtustream Trust

Enterprises and public sector organizations want to know their applications will be secure, meet regulatory compliance requirements, perform, and deliver to required service levels in the cloud. Virtustream's cloud operations, migration and management services, security and compliance programs, data privacy practices, and service quality are all designed to sustain the trust that we've built with leading organizations around the world.

xStreamCare Services™ for Security and Compliance

Overcome complexity, lack of actionable visibility, and cybersecurity skills gap by leveraging more than ten years of Virtustream experience in securing regulated, mission-critical workloads. xStreamCare Services for Security and Compliance empower you to proactively detect, prevent and respond to threats by bringing together near-real-time visibility, industry-leading security tools, and certified cybersecurity experts.

xStreamCare Services™ for Security and Compliance - Azure

xStreamCare Services for Security and Compliance — trusted by enterprises and healthcare organizations to secure mission-critical workloads in the cloud — help you establish a proactive security posture. Powered by the Virtustream Trust Platform, this suite of cybersecurity services protects your vital applications and data hosted in Microsoft Azure, along with providing near-real-time visibility into threats and security alerts.


Data Slicing and Masking Services for SAP

Virtustream’s Data Slicing and Masking Services for SAP help enterprises accelerate innovation, optimize costs and reduce risk. With flexible data extraction, copy, reduction and masking, you can easily create targeted non-production datasets with only the data you need — quickly, safely and reliably.

Managed Availability Services

The mission-critical nature of SAP applications mandates the highest level of application availability to avoid the risks associated with planned and unplanned downtime. Businesses that host their SAP environments on the Virtustream Enterprise Cloud can now take advantage of Managed Availability Services to achieve up to 99.95% application layer availability.

OS Image Management Services

Enterprises spinning up VMs on a frequent basis have an essential need to easily create VMs without having to manually customize the entire OS each time a VM is provisioned. OS Image Management Services enable organizations to solve this operational challenge by providing a method to deploy a customized, easy to use OS image for VM creation on any Virtustream cloud.

Residency Services

Complex technology initiatives, such as mission-critical cloud migration, modernization, and management, are a growing priority for enterprises looking to innovate and reduce time to market. Residency Services, part of the xStreamCare Services portfolio, ensure a smooth, consistent execution of these initiatives by filling technical skill gaps with credible, specialized Virtustream experts.

SAP System Copy Services

Complex SAP environments often present unique technology and resource challenges, resulting in a growing need to simplify processes and reduce manual efforts. SAP System Copy Services help enterprises take a step towards simplification by delivering a streamlined, flexible system copy process, allowing organizations to either pre-schedule or request on-demand copies of their environments to meet critical business requirements.

Ticketing Integration Services

Manual ticketing and API-to-API connections are often cumbersome for large organizations, causing valuable work hours to be lost daily due to slow response times, human error, and lack of monitoring. Virtustream’s ITSM Ticketing Integration Services address these concerns by connecting Virtustream’s ServiceNow instance directly to your ticketing tools via cloud-based technology, enabling real-time, automated workflows between your ticketing system and Virtustream’s.

xStreamCare Services for Azure

xStreamCare Services for Azure enable enterprises to run mission-critical SAP® applications and systems on Azure with the confidence and simplicity they mandate. By leveraging Virtustream’s 10+ years of SAP experience, proven processes and SAP/Azure certified talent, organizations can reduce risk, simplify operations and achieve superior service levels for their most sensitive applications.

xStreamCare Services for Google Cloud

xStreamCare Services for Google Cloud deliver a full suite of professional and managed services for the Google Cloud platform with integrated design, deployment and operations across the entire Google Cloud stack. As the trusted advisor for your journey to the Google Cloud, Virtustream's tailored solution with extensive recovery and planning ensures that everything is done right the first time.

xStreamCare Services™

Virtustream’s xStreamCare Services™ enable enterprises and healthcare organizations to take a strategic, platform-agnostic approach by optimizing the management of mission-critical workloads while accelerating cloud-native application deployments. Discover how you can expand your capabilities with a comprehensive suite of professional and managed services purpose-built for enterprises looking to leverage cloud environments to migrate, modernize and manage mission-critical applications.