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Application Management Services

From conceptual design through implementation and ongoing maintenance, Virtustream's Application Management solutions, and industry-leading Service Level Agreements, enable companies to expand capabilities and nimbly respond to changing business needs and priorities while controlling costs and reducing risk. Virtustream draws on its unrivaled legacy and deep expertise in virtualized enterprise solutions and outsourcing to partner with businesses to create solutions that offer significant operational efficiencies and return on investment.

Cloud Staging Network Services

Traditional colocation only removes the data center costs and enables you to control other related infrastructure costs and gain leverage from areas such as bandwidth and network versatility. There are many more options and benefits to a solution that goes beyond just colocation. Virtustream can be your bridge to the cloud.

Virtustream Data Centers

Virtustream's state-of-the-art, secure data centers provide a resilient, high performance environment for your IT operations. Our Cloud Services and Managed Services offerings span a variety of services and technologies and result in end-to-end infrastructure solutions that allow enterprises, service providers and small and medium businesses to realize the efficiencies that can be gained from hosting and collocation - reduced operating costs, lowered risk of downtime, and the ability to deploy services and applications quickly.

Virtustream Enterprise Cloud

Virtustream's Enterprise Cloud powered by xStream™, Virtustream's cloud management software, is an integrated solution that enables Cloud Service Providers and Enterprise IT Organizations to deliver enterprise class application services to their customers.

Virtustream Healthcare Cloud

Healthcare IT is embracing the digital transformation, expanding their use of EMRs, improving patient engagement, and connecting EMRs with new precision health platforms. By leveraging Virtustream Healthcare Cloud, healthcare decision makers are able to modernize their health IT infrastructure without a major up-front investment in new hardware, software or infrastructure services.

Virtustream Overview

Virtustream is the leading enterprise class cloud solution provider. xStream™ is Virtustream's enterprise-class cloud solution allowing both legacy and web-scale applications to run in the cloud—whether private, virtual private or public.

Virtustream Storage Cloud

Virtustream Storage Cloud is built for the world’s largest enterprises, service providers, and public sector organizations, which need to secure, manage, and store mission-critical data in the cloud.

xStream Overview

Enterprises require a different type of cloud. Virtustream's xStream™ Management Platform meets enterprise-class cloud requirements and offers a private, public and hybrid solution while enabling more savings, flexibility and business benefits than any other alternative.


Federal Government

xStream™ is Virtustream's unique, enterprise-class cloud computing platform that leverages unique processes and technology and is backed by industry-leading service level agreements.

Managed Cloud Solutions for Blackbaud CRM

Virtustream Enterprise Cloud for Blackbaud CRM provides deep, multi-layered logical and physical security and compliance, helping non-profits to meet tough regulations and continually changing industry requirements.

SAP Business One

With SAP Business One, ERP solutions are quick to deploy and easy to run and maintain. And, by moving into the cloud, you get even more flexibility, security and cost savings. Virtustream has been selected by SAP to serve as the core infrastructure for this new on demand solution.

SAP In the Cloud

Virtustream's Enterprise Class Cloud, xStream™ , Optimizes SAP Environments with Better Performance, Lower Costs, Faster Disaster Recovery and Superior Elasticity.

US State/Local Governments and Education

xStream™ is Virtustream's unique, enterprise-class cloud computing platform that leverages unique processes and technology and is backed by industry-leading service level agreements to support US State/Local Governments and Education.

Virtustream - SAP - Partner Profile

As an SAP-certified provider of cloud services, Virtustream manages, operates, and delivers heavyweight, back-office enterprise SAP® applications in the cloud to enable better performance, lower costs, faster disaster recovery, and superior elasticity as demands change.

Virtustream Pivotal Cloud Foundry Service

Designed as a private PaaS leveraging the Pivotal Cloud Foundry developer platform, this single-tenant, hosted service provides an enterprise-class alternative to general purpose public cloud offerings -- enabling organizations to quickly build and deploy apps, while delivering enterprise-grade capabilities that enhance developer productivity, ensure high availability and provide operational control.



Both a fundamental unit of measure for cloud resources, and a core cloud architectural and management principle, the µVM is used throughout Virtustream's clouds and the xStream™ cloud management software as a tool for metering workloads, managing resources and optimizing performance.

Virtustream Viewtrust

Virtustream Viewtrust Risk Management and Continuous Compliance Monitoring solution provides organizations with real-time analysis of threats and their potential impact, as well as proactive mitigation of any risks. Viewtrust also provides organizations with a near real-time view of compliance posture, showing when critical configuration standards have fallen outside predefined threshold values

xStream Software Security

xStream™ is enterprise-class cloud management software for private, virtual private, public and hybrid clouds—available as software, appliance or managed cloud service. xStream™ is enhanced by Virtustream™ µVM™ technology, delivering enterprise security and compliance with multi-tenant cloud efficiency and performance SLAs for all applications—both legacy and web-scale.


Cloud Advisory Services

IT Virtualization has made cloud computing a reality. Representing a revolutionary paradigm shift in how infrastructure and computing power are delivered, virtualization involves much more than the replacement of physical IT assets with a virtual environment; it involves the transformation of business processes as well as the IT environment to maximize the measurable benefits and sustainable efficiencies that virtualization can bring - operational, cost-base, management and environmental efficiencies.

Virtustream Advisor Services

Whether you are new to virtualization, have a partially virtualized infrastructure, or even if you have a fully virtualized infrastructure that is not meeting expectations, the first step to realizing the full benefits of these technologies is a comprehensive fact based analysis of your current environment. The Advisor is an integrated suite of software tools and professional services that economically address the need for comprehensive analysis, reporting and planning. The Advisor Service produces strategic and tactical deliverables that are specifically designed to provide a blueprint for the alignment of IT to the business while transitioning to a more efficient virtual infrastructure or cloud architecture.