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Fast, Always-on Availability
99.999% infrastructure and 99.95% application availability
The Challenge: Service Disruptions

SAP® applications are fundamental to business and running them in the cloud requires the uptime and performance to support productivity and user experience. A disruption in these mission-critical services — even for few minutes — can have a significant business impact.

Virtustream’s managed availability solution offers ultra-high uptime and latency SLAs at both the infrastructure and application levels — up to 99.999% infrastructure and 99.95% application availability.

Our Solution: Virtustream Ensures Reliable Performance
“There are very few cloud companies that can offer the technology stack and deep expertise necessary to deliver 99.95% availability for mission-critical applications… As cloud vendors continue to innovate and dial into the real-world requirements of enterprise customers, it’s services like these from Virtustream that will truly stand-out for customers with business-critical workloads…”

Matt Eastwood

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Infrastructure, Cloud, Developer and Alliances, IDC
“OmniSYS plays a critical role in the delivery of health care. It’s imperative that our systems experience zero downtime and that they can scale with growing demand. We look to valued partners like Virtustream to ensure that our systems are highly available and that we can quickly scale our IT capacity to meet record-setting demands.”

John King

Chief Executive Officer, OmniSYS
“Virtustream Enterprise Cloud has affected our performance in a very positive way …. The level of service provided in terms of reliability has been close to 99.99%. In terms of performance, we saw transaction response time go from 1.2 seconds to 0.5 seconds when we moved workloads to Virtustream.”

Virtustream Enterprise Cloud Customer1

IDC Study
Virtustream Advantage
Improve ROI and Boost SAP Application Uptime and Performance

Enterprises of all sizes have built their businesses on mission-critical SAP applications, many of which require near-zero downtime. Ensure you have the proper services and technical skills in place in order to prevent harming the future of your business.

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1 IDC Business Value Whitepaper sponsored by Virtustream, The Business Value of Running Mission-Critical Applications in the Virtustream Cloud, IDC Doc. #US47221620, January 2021. Download the Full White Paper.