xStreamCare Services™ for Azure

Migrate, Operate and Transform SAP on Azure

Breaking down silos across infrastructure, application and security to deliver exceptional experiences, speed, agility and efficiency while reducing transformation and operational risks

High-Touch, Personalized Experience for SAP on Azure

xStreamCare Services for Azure deliver a full suite of professional and managed services for the Microsoft Azure platform with integrated design, deployment and operations across the entire Azure stack. Virtustream's migration services, built on enterprise-class reference architecture and build automation, expedite your time to cloud. After migration, Virtustream's expertise is then extended through steady-state with monitoring, management and operational support services up to and including the SAP Basis layer.

Built upon 10+ years of proven experience migrating and managing SAP applications in the cloud, including 2500+ SAP migrations to date with zero production rollbacks, Virtustream understands what mission-critical truly means. xStreamCare Services for Azure combine this experience with 100+ SAP and Azure certified professionals to ensure that we get it right the first time.

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xStreamCare Services for Azure

Through a repeatable, consistent and comprehensive deployment model, Virtustream delivers faster time to cloud, efficient operations and improved agility. Discover how you can leverage Virtustream's expertise to run mission-critical SAP applications and systems on Azure with confidence and simplicity.

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Integrated Design, Deployment and Operations Across the Entire Stack

Application Layer

Monitoring, management and operational support services up to the SAP Basis layer, including DB, middleware, OS, AD, backups, security, HA and DR services

IaaS Layer

Design, deployment, monitoring, management, migration, cost management and support services for all Azure resources like compute, storage, backup, network components, circuits, links, AD, subscriptions and DR

Security Layer

Comprehensive host, OS and data security services, including data protection and encryption built on 10+ years of securing mission-critical workloads

Customer Benefits

Faster Time Cloud Icon
Faster Time to Cloud

Rapidly take advantage of cloud computing benefits with efficient migration to the cloud, delivered through Virtustream’s build automation for both infrastructure and applications, reducing build times to hours instead of weeks

Efficient Operations Icon
Efficient Operations

Offload management efforts to Virtustream’s certified professionals, backed by 10+ years of provider expertise in migrating and managing SAP in the cloud. Utilization of proven processes and best practices ensure systems operate as efficiently as possible.

Reduced Risk Icon
Reduced Risk

Protect mission-critical applications and data by leveraging Virtustream’s reference architecture, designed with built-in security controls. SAP monitoring and integration provides proactive resolution during steady state, allowing users to remediate an issue before it becomes an outage.

Improved Agility Icon
Improved Agility

Virtustream’s consistent operating model gives enterprises the capability to manage Azure infrastructure in a single, integrated model. Through this, you have the agility to change and scale as the enterprise grows, with a wide set of optional add-on services.

Modernize and Migrate

Getting it Right the First Time

Through a simplified transition methodology, Virtustream utilizes proven processes, SAP aligned secure reference architecture, build automation and expertise in migrating SAP to the cloud. As a result, your time-to-cloud is expedited and downtime is minimized.

  • SAP and Azure Expertise: 2500+ SAP migrations with zero production rollbacks, 10+ years of proven expertise in migrating SAP in the cloud, and 100+ SAP and Azure certified professionals.
  • Reference Architecture: Comprehensive Reference Architecture, aligned to SAP’s recommendations and Virtustream's security best practices
  • Build Automation: Automated infrastructure and application provisioning and set-up ‒ including application specific backups, DR and security
  • Security: Architecture specifically designed to provide robust security controls utilizing Azure control mechanisms and tooling (such as Azure AD, Azure Firewall and Azure Disk Encryption)
  • Right-Sizing: Defined capacity planning method and tools for automated assets discovery and application mapping, including ongoing capacity management once in the cloud

Operate and Optimize

Simplified Operations and Seamless Experience

Eliminate silos between infrastructure, applications and security teams, combined with integrated intelligent operations.

  • Managed IaaS, Security, OS, DB and SAP Basis: End-to-end management across the entire application lifecycle
  • Azure Subscription Management: Virtustream administers and manages your Azure subscription, including front-ending all Azure issues impacting the environment
  • Deploy and Manage: Azure backups, disaster recovery implementation/testing, monitoring and more
  • Monitoring and Integration: Delivered through an intelligent operations platform for granular, actionable alerting before it affects the end-user
  • Control Costs: Capacity and cost management services tailored to maximize IaaS resources
  • Disaster Recovery: Planning and testing services ensure business continuity in case of incident

Transform and Grow

Consistent Operating Model as You Change and Scale

Select from a personalized set of services and options to meet your unique needs while maintaining a consistent operating model.

  • Single Point of Contact: Get access to a customer success expert who acts as an extension of your team and provides a bridge between Virtustream, the various services we are delivering and your numerous projects that may be in-flight
  • Suite of Add-On Services: A wide variety of optional add-on services for your Azure SAP environments, allowing you to further offload responsibilities to Virtustream's certified Azure and SAP experts
  • xStreamCare Services for Security and Compliance: Implement proactive security by bringing together industry-leading security tools and Virtustream’s certified cybersecurity experts
  • Hybrid Cloud Computing: Meet unique use case demands by hosting and managing mission-critical SAP applications on Azure while using remote hosting for workloads that are best suited for private hosting on Virtustream’s Enterprise Cloud

Explore Virtustream's Extended Service Portfolio

Add-On Services

Add-On Services

Complement SAP migration to Azure by leveraging additional services, such as Data Slicing and Masking Services for SAP, Managed Availability Services and more

xStreamCare Services for Security and Compliance

xStreamCare Services for Security and Compliance

Address the growing demand for deep security expertise with security management and monitoring services on Azure