Automated and continuous ERM

Think of Viewtrust as a window into your entire ERM function. From one vantage point, you can get a big-picture overview—or drill down to focus on individual activities at the sensor level.

Automated analysis
  • Manage tasks and workflows on a collaborative interface
  • Maintain updated library of IA maps
  • Reduce data input requirements 50 – 60%
  • Generate reports and associated artifacts for regulatory oversight
  • Maintain configuration compliance
Continuous response and control
  • Assess risk and compliance posture across physical and cloud environments
  • View data from assets, applications or departments
  • Consistently and efficiently monitor compliance control status, information assurance (IA) catalogs and certificates
  • Collect and analyze information from multiple data sources
  • Manage software and hardware based on sensor and analysis data
  • View risk scores from either the enterprise and mission levels or asset and sensor levels
  • Manage vulnerabilities automatically before threats escalate

Read more about Viewtrust's capabilities in our White Paper and Data Sheet:

Virtustream Viewtrust Data Sheet

Virtustream Viewtrust White Paper