Deeper insights. Greater control.

Virtustream’s innovative management platform combines infrastructure orchestration, enterprise application automation and service delivery features to create the foundation for true IT-as-a-Service.

Enterprise application ready

xStream was created to deliver economic and business benefits for your entire portfolio of applications—including mission-critical enterprise applications like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and more. Whether it’s ERP, CRM, databases, mail, web apps or thousands more, xStream lets you move to the cloud, automate, optimize and outperform traditional operations.

In addition to the CPU and RAM measurements typically used by cloud service providers to allocate virtual machine resources, xStream incorporates network and storage I/O—ensuring that workloads are never I/O-starved, regardless of transaction or storage read/write volume. These metrics are also used to define service level agreements. Enterprise IT can now run existing applications, including production SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and custom applications in the cloud, with SLAs structured at the application performance level rather than simple infrastructure availability.

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True cloud economics

The Virtustream MicroVM (μVM) is the company’s patented cloud resource management technology. A μVM is a standardized, fine-grained bundle of computing resources that allows for the fair and accurate provisioning and measurement of resources in clouds powered by xStream.

xStream resides as an abstraction-based control plane above the virtual machine management layer in the cloud IaaS stack—and uses μVM data, application profiling and predictive analytics to dynamically tailor resource allocation to meet workload resource demands and performance requirements.

Fully compatible with traditional virtualization, μVM resource management’s consumption-based approach yields significant advantages compared to the allocation-based method of other clouds—including unified measurement and billing across clouds, improved performance, more efficient resource utilization and true consumption billing with chargeback and showback features.

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Cloud benefits, regardless of location

xStream provides a single-pane view across complex, distributed hybrid cloud environments—and can be added to existing data centers, existing virtualization or existing IT to create enterprise-class public, private or hybrid clouds.

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Application automation

The xStream App Director module is a macro-orchestrator. Through a library of blueprints, App Director automates interdependent and sequenced actions across the various system components of an application landscape to perform a particular type of action on the environment. Virtustream not only addresses the automation of these management functions for enterprise applications such as SAP S/4HANA, but also for the full ecosystem of web applications that interface with these core systems. xStream App Director allows enterprise business users and system administrators to automate in-life management of enterprise applications to significantly lower total cost of ownership.

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