Virtustream xStream App Director

Virtustream xStream App Director streamlines mission-critical enterprise application management in a multi-tenant cloud for lower costs and greater efficiency.

Simplified enterprise application management

Maintaining complex, mission-critical applications is a complicated and costly process. 

  • Deployments of mission-critical application landscape varies from use case to use case
  • Constant tuning is needed to adjust to the changing workloads
  • Updates are complex and error prone and downtimes can be very expensive
  • Manual ways of managing such landscapes do not scale and fail to meet the demands of customers

xStream's App Director module gives you application lifecycle automation, orchestration and management tools that are built from the ground up to simplify running, managing, maintaining and continually optimizing enterprise-class application environments in a multi-tenant cloud.

Add application-specific lifecycle packs for mission-critical applications such as SAP and save significant operational cost and time. Enable the automation of complex multi-step operational tasks, as well as spin up, spin down and scale-up, scale-down tasks to support mission-critical applications in the cloud.

Automate and orchestrate

xStream App Director provides macro-orchestrated application automation that goes beyond traditional solutions to drastically reduce the complexity of managing major enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM, analytics and more. xStream App Director lets you reduce the time, costs, and risks associated with human errors during the manual configuration changes of complex enterprise application tasks—freeing your IT team to work on what they do best: delivering value to the business.

  • Operations and Administration – A complete portfolio of enhanced and customizable administration and operations tools for running day to day operations, as well as the means to schedule and plan
  • Deployment and Provisioning Management – Rapid deployment, enhanced project acceleration tasks, upgrades, and patching activities
  • Complex SAP Life Cycle Management – Automatic start/stop of SAP landscapes and systems, complex system isolation, and refreshes
Blueprint for Success

xStream App Director uses a blueprint-based deployment system to give a clear model for enterprise applications, and the configurations, components, and the relationships between those components for each application. With this information, xStream App Director uses policy-based management to automate and orchestrate enterprise-class applications such as SAP and OS and DB environments.