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Our cloud, your offering.

Enhance your service offering by providing enterprise-class cloud services for mission-critical applications.

One platform for all

For service providers looking to move beyond basic “compute, store and network” cloud offerings, Virtustream gives you access to enterprise-class cloud technology and services that can handle and enhance mission-critical, back-office applications for global enterprises.

Virtustream provides full access to infrastructure, software, managed services and even cloud strategy, so you can offer a truly enterprise-class cloud environment—regardless of location, workloads, vendors or other conventional limitations.

The Virtustream difference

By partnering with Virtustream, you can set your cloud offering apart from other service providers with the unparalleled ability to run enterprise-class applications in the cloud.

With Virtustream cloud technology and services, you can:

  • Deliver enterprise-class IaaS services for mission-critical applications
  • Provide enterprise-grade SLAs, security/compliance and cloud professional services
  • Offer xStream private or hybrid cloud software to enterprise and government customers

With Virtustream cloud software and services, you can offer a full suite of cloud solutions to plan, operate and secure enterprise-class cloud environments. Our Cloud Service Provider program is a tailored offering designed to help service providers and systems integrators enter the enterprise cloud market rapidly, with services such as:

  • xStream Cloud Management Software
  • Market assessment and strategic consultancy
  • Technical design
  • Cloud software and tools
  • Technical installation and operations
  • Joint sales and marketing
  • Customer support
  • Hybrid and international support

Simplified planning and migration

Virtustream Advisor software helps simplify customer migration to the cloud through a standardized, data-driven and actionable analysis that produces a clear roadmap to the cloud.

Advisor collects both consumption and inventory information on physical and virtual IT infrastructure over a set period, focusing on key metrics such as CPU, Memory, Disk IOPs and Storage. Armed with this data, Advisor analyzes IT consumption data and helps customers determine how IT is impacted by business cycles and demands. Using the data collected, you'll be able to deliver:

  • Current state consumption patterns
  • Future state consumption projections
  • Custom segmentations of consumption data focusing on business units, application groups, geographies and functions
  • A recommended future state cloud architecture
  • Transition Roadmap and Project Plan
  • A business case baseline and ROI financial model
  • Multiple cloud scenario financial projections based on customer inputs
  • Quantified performance improvements

Download the Virtustream Advisor data sheet

Powered by xStream

Virtustream xStream software was built for mission-critical, I/O-intensive enterprise applications. Using xStream, service providers can offer revenue-generating cloud solutions for enterprises. Help your customers achieve high levels of operational efficiency, ensure complete visibility, and integrate with existing operational and business support systems (such as provisioning, ticketing, billing, CRM and others).

Learn more about xStream

Compliance and risk monitoring as a service

Viewtrust is an automated and continuous risk and compliance management software for complete coverage of hybrid, federated and non-cloud environments. With Viewtrust, you can provide compliance monitoring and risk management as a service—and set yourself apart in a commodity market.

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Partnered with the best

Partnered with the best

Virtustream works with a network of certified service providers to offer enterprise-class cloud solutions to organizations worldwide.

Proven success

Proven success

See how Virtustream Enterprise Cloud has helped the world's biggest organizations create better efficiency and economics for their most critical applications.