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Providing customers information on their data protection rights
Read About Your Information Privacy
Legal Data Management

Virtustream’s contractual commitments align to our privacy practices. Virtustream’s master services agreement includes a data protection schedule which outlines how it protects its customers’ data.

Virtustream will use customer data only to provide the services agreed upon, and for purposes compatible with providing those services. We do not use customer data or derive information from it for advertising purposes.

Furthermore, we will not disclose customer data hosted in Virtustream’s Enterprise Cloud business services to a government agency unless required by law. If law enforcement demands customer data, we will attempt to redirect the agency to request that data directly from the customer. If we are unable to redirect the agency to the customer, and are compelled to disclose customer data to law enforcement, we will promptly notify the customer of the demand to allow the customer to seek a protective order or other remedy resisting disclosure, unless legally prohibited from doing so.