Dedicated to providing the highest levels of security to protect your enterprise in the cloud.

Enterprise-class Security

Virtustream’s security foundation is built on the CIA Triad model, protecting the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of its assets. Virtustream’s top-down approach, starting from the senior executive leadership, entails in-depth, extensive due diligence in all aspects of our defense-in-depth security posture. Virtustream’s people, processes, and technologies strive for trust, transparency, dependability, scalability, accountability, auditability, innovation, and automation.

Streamline your modernization initiatives by embracing cloud-native solutions and a unified security approach

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Key areas addressed by Virtustream security capabilities include:

Responsibility Model

Security is a shared responsibility between Virtustream and the customer. Discover how Virtustream's shared responsibility model clearly articulates which controls Virtustream implements and which controls a customer must implement to achieve compliance.

Host and Network Security

Host and network security is important in IT operations, including when you're migrating mission-critical applications to the cloud. At Virtustream, we offer a comprehensive set of host and network level security options that help protect your organization’s data.

Data Protection

Ensure you have the data integrity, resiliency, and availability you require. Use Virtustream cloud services and realize the benefits of encryption technologies and embedded disaster recovery in a cloud environment.

Configuration and Vulnerability Management

Guaranteeing consistency in our system configurations is imperative to the integrity of our cloud services. At Virtustream, our systems are continuously tested and audited to verify they are secure.

Identification, Authentication, and Authorization

Identification, authentication, and authorization are critical to preserving the integrity of Virtustream cloud services for our customers. By leveraging these security capabilities and our xStream portal, you can increase protection while reducing the chance of unauthorized access to your cloud.

Security Logging and Monitoring

Data security is of the utmost importance to enterprises and government organizations. That is why Virtustream gathers and monitors security logs to ensure that threats to your systems and data don’t become incidents.

Security Development Lifecycle (SDL)

Virtustream cloud services are purpose-built for mission-critical workloads, making security a top priority. To assure protection of your data, Virtustream employs a security development lifecycle (SDL) process to reduce the number of vulnerabilities and provide a highly trusted cloud platform.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

When it comes to information security, business continuity, and quality, Virtustream gives you peace of mind. Virtustream’s dedicated Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) team is dedicated to continually improving the management system that governs our operations and protects your data.