Configuration, Hardening, and Vulnerability Management

Virtustream focuses on a number of key areas to ensure systems are secure, including consistency in infrastructure configurations, enhancements to meet industry and regulatory needs, and proactive measures to identify and remediate vulnerabilities. Many of the capabilities in these areas come standard with Virtustream cloud services, while other capabilities are offered as managed services to address specific customer needs


Ensuring consistency in system configurations is imperative to the integrity of Virtustream cloud services. Virtustream systems are continuously tested and audited, including by independent third parties, to verify they are secure


Virtustream hardens systems to meet industry-standard best practices, as well as various government standards defined by compliances, attestations, frameworks, and laws. System audits are completed regularly to ensure the infrastructure remains hardened per applicable guidance. Virtustream also works with customers to test and evaluate hardening practices, as well as providing them with artifacts, such as third-party audit reports, on-demand

Vulnerability Management 

Vulnerability management is vital to any security program. Virtustream has a number of experts across multiple departments responsible for identifying risks within the Virtustream cloud. In addition, vulnerability scanning is available for purchase as a managed service in a customer’s network. Virtustream’s diverse team of security analysts have experience across various government agencies, as well as major corporations.