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Data Protection
Protect your mission-critical assets in the cloud

Virtustream views data protection as a critical capability to ensure you have the data integrity, resiliency, and availability you require for your most important business applications and data in your Virtustream cloud.

Data Encryption

To help ensure the integrity of your data, Virtustream employs encryption technologies in the cloud environment. For data sanitation purposes, Virtustream uses techniques detailed in the NIST 800-88 to destroy data as part of the decommissioning process.

The Virtustream Difference

In keeping with Virtustream’s core competency in mission-critical applications, Virtustream offers an add-on encryption option. We worked with SAP to prove that we can use this option to encrypt HANA workloads without negatively affecting the performance of the HANA databases.

Disaster Recovery

For high availability workloads, Virtustream provides embedded disaster recovery (DR) through the replication of data at geographically-dispersed data centers, with industry-leading recovery-point objective (RPO) and recovery-time objective (RTO) capabilities. Our Virtustream Enterprise Cloud offering has a typical RPO of 15 minutes and RTO of 2 hours (can vary based on size of database).

Virtustream works with you to create service-level agreements (SLAs) that guarantee RPOs and RTOs that fit your specific needs. Data backup and recovery options are also available for those customers who do not require full disaster recovery capabilities.

The Virtustream Difference

Virtustream offers disaster recovery protection as well as data backup and recovery solutions with uptime SLAs from the IaaS layer up to the operating system, database, and SAP Basis level for customers who leverage our Application Managed Services. In contrast, most public cloud services do not provide disaster recovery or data backup and recovery solutions as a standard component in their cloud services. Customers need to design, implement, and test the disaster recovery and data backup solutions themselves or hire a third-party contractor to do it.