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Host and Network Security
Protect your mission-critical assets in the cloud

Host and network security is important in IT operations, including when migrating mission-critical applications to the cloud. Virtustream offers a comprehensive set of host and network level security options that help protect data. Customer separation is provided through Virtustream’s isolation model, implemented for each customer. These customers are logically separated with Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) and Virtual LANs (VLANs).

To access the cloud, Virtustream offers public networking, private networking, or a combination of both. Whether an IPSEC VPN tunnel mode or an MPLS direct connection, the entry point will be a virtual firewall which gives full control over IP address space and eliminates the potential for overlap with other tenants. Customers can utilize as many dedicated VLANs and IP address ranges as desired. Firewall rules can be defined on a VM-by-VM basis that Virtustream applies at the hypervisor level.

There is a great deal of granular control over how traffic gets routed within a virtual private cloud in the Virtustream data center. Virtustream’s security services offer a variety of security tools available at either the perimeter or host-level. These options include perimeter firewall, host and network intrusion detection systems (IDS), host-level anti-virus/anti-malware, vulnerability scanning, file integrity monitoring, and first-response remediation services. Customers work with Virtustream professional services during the onboarding process to customize their general security, and can select additional Virtustream network managed security services options during onboarding or anytime afterwards.