Identity Management and Access Control

Virtustream believes identity management and strong access controls are critical to preserving the integrity of Virtustream cloud services for customers

Identity Management

Virtustream Enterprise Cloud utilizes strong two-factor authentication as a standard authentication process for users to access the management portal. Users are authenticated via a user-selected PIN and a one-time password generated via software or a hardware token. This provides a high degree of confidence that access to the Virtustream management console is restricted to only authorized users whose identity has been verified. Virtustream supports software tokens on diverse platforms including iOS, Android, and desktop systems, and Virtustream’s management portal console is secured with https.

Access Control

Access to Virtustream cloud services is controlled through a combination of user roles and firewall rules based on IP addresses. Role-based access control (RBAC) provides a way to give different types of users access only to the resources they need to perform their work. Default roles include Read Only, Resource Creator, System Administrator, Tenant Administrator, and User. Each role contains a set of default permissions. Only a few steps are required to create new roles to customize permissions that align with an organization’s inner workings. For auditing purposes, all privileged users are monitoring and logged 24x7x365. 

Additionally, the Virtustream xStream Cloud Management self-service portal lets customers designate specific source IP addresses that can access the enterprise-cloud portal. This effectively limits the IP addresses from which users can log into their xStream portal, further increasing security and reducing the chance of unauthorized access to the cloud.