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Responsibility Model
Protect your mission-critical assets in the cloud

Responsibility plays a key factor in building trust, and knowing who is responsible for what in a partnership between a cloud provider and a customer can truly benefit both organizations. Security is a shared responsibility, and Virtustream strives to be transparent by implementing a shared responsibility model to clearly articulate which controls Virtustream implements and which controls a customer must implement to achieve compliance.

In this model, Virtustream is responsible for the security of the cloud, whereas the customer is responsible for the security in the cloud. We ensure the security and protection of the cloud infrastructure that runs our cloud services, and the customer is responsible for application updates and patches including for security, identity and access management, and network security.

xStreamCare Services™ for Security and Compliance
xStreamCare Services for Security and Compliance deliver proactive security by bringing together near-real-time visibility, industry-leading security tools, and certified cybersecurity experts. Empower yourself with a proactive approach to detect, prevent and respond to threats. Customers have the freedom to augment portions of this responsibility model by leveraging Virtustream’s security experts.
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