Security Logging and Monitoring

Virtustream understands that security is of the utmost importance to enterprises and government organizations. Virtustream gathers and monitors security logs to ensure that threats to systems and data remain just that, threats, and don’t become incident

SIOC Centralized Logging and Monitoring

The Virtustream Security Intelligence Operations Center (SIOC) uses centralized logging and security information and event management systems (SIEM). SIOC analysts monitor alerts, researchers investigate industry trends and threat intelligence, and tooling experts build alerting based on continuous monitoring and threat categorization. Virtustream also takes proactive action for those customers who have contracted with Virtustream to monitor their Virtustream hosted infrastructure. In keeping with best practices, Virtustream maintains logs in its centralized logging system for at least one year to comply with PCI DSS requirements

The Virtustream difference:

For customers that have purchased the Virtustream “Log Management” managed service, Virtustream support staff will proactively monitor security threats which arise in an organization’s environment hosted on the Virtustream cloud in real-time. The Virtustream SIOC has 24x7x365 on-call support and the tools needed to provide a comprehensive security and compliance posture via an extensive suite of reports.

Customers that use Virtustream Application Managed Services can leverage Virtustream to help create artifacts for audit, compliance, and continuous monitoring purposes. For reports, Virtustream can also design multiple common control profiles (CCPs).

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