Service Quality

Service Quality

For organizations deploying mission-critical applications in the cloud, trust is not just about security and compliance. 

Trust involves the quality of service that Virtustream cloud services offer, including guaranteed availability levels, consistent high performance, reliability, professional and managed services, and unmatched customer service.

High Availability and Resiliency

Your mission-critical applications should be available anywhere and anytime. Virtustream cloud services provide you with enterprise-class availability backed by service-level agreements (SLAs) that extend beyond the infrastructure layer.

The Virtustream difference: 

Virtustream Enterprise Cloud provides you with up to 99.999% (five nines) availability at the IaaS layer and up 99.9% (three nines) availability at the operating system, database, and Basis layer for certain production systems such as SAP. 

Performance Assurance

Virtustream Application Managed Services (AMS) also provides you with performance assurance for application response times backed by service-levels for Tier 1 storage response times as low as 1000 ms for standard and 800 ms for premium. Our patented MicroVM (µVM) resource allocation model guarantees required CPU, memory, storage, and network bandwidth. Proactive network, compute, memory and storage optimizations always ensure right sizing of resources for applications.


With Virtustream, you get cloud services built on best-in-class hardware and virtualization platforms from Dell Technologies, including Dell servers, Dell EMC storage, and VMware.

The Virtustream difference:

Embedded disaster recovery comes standard with Virtustream cloud services, which replicates compute and storage between primary and secondary geographically dispersed data centers. You can also take advantage of jointly engineered enterprise-class Dell EMC data protection and recovery solutions to tier, archive, or backup for long-term retention data from on-premises Dell EMC primary storage to Virtustream cloud.

Professional Services

Virtustream offers you a set of cloud planning, onboarding, and migration services to speed your time to value when moving mission-critical applications to cloud.

The Virtustream difference:

For planning your move to cloud, the Virtustream Advisor tool provides an assessment of the enterprise application landscape, identifying all workloads and analyzing system configurations for optimum set up in the Virtustream cloud. Hyper-scale cloud providers do not offer advisory services; enterprise IT either has to do it themselves or outsource it to a third party.

Onboarding and migration services reduce the risk for enterprises and minimize disruption in enterprise IT service. Virtustream takes responsibility for project planning, project management, documentation of all applications and workloads, move sequences, tests, mock cutover, and final cutover plan. Once system migration is initiated, data and application consistency is checked.

Once systems go live on Virtustream Enterprise Cloud, steady-state must be reached before handover to Virtustream Managed Services. Hyper-scale cloud providers do not offer onboarding and migration services; enterprise IT either has to do it themselves or outsource it to a third party.

Managed Services

With the move to cloud complete, you can offload day-to-day operational complexities to Virtustream so enterprise IT can focus on strategic business initiatives.

The Virtustream difference:

Virtustream Managed Services provides you with fully-managed white glove cloud service from the IaaS layer up to the operating system, database, and Basis layer, with proactive incident-event management, monitoring, alerts, troubleshooting, and other pre-scoped managed services round-the-cloud (24x7x365). Hyper-scale cloud providers don’t offer any managed services; as part of separate engagement, enterprises have to select fragmented managed services through hyper-scalers’ partner network.