Virtustream believes in transparency in our communications to give you confidence in our abilities and to gain and sustain your trust. 

Virtustream gives you visibility into our cloud practices to provide you with a clear understanding about how we handle your customer data, including how we process, store, and secure your data, and who has permissions to access your data. Additionally, we make proof available to you to support our claims and a forum for the sharing of information among peers and with Virtustream leadership. As important, we abide by the Dell Technologies Code of Conduct which provides the guiding principles for our culture and values, including how we treat our customers and each other, on a daily basis.

Audit Reports

To substantiate our claims and to give evidence of our practices, we make audit reports available to customers upon request so you know with confidence that we do what we say we do and do it when we say we do it.

Customer Advisory Board (CAB)

To encourage candid communications, we have a customer advisory board (CAB) comprised of senior representatives from our customer base across many industries. The purpose of this CAB is to foster an open exchange of information about product features, services, and business direction that ultimately results in considerations for the Virtustream cloud services roadmap.

Dell Technologies Code of Conduct

Our culture and values extend beyond Virtustream to encompass the entire Dell Technologies family of businesses. We believe our culture and values differentiate us in the marketplace just as much as our products, services, and innovations.