Managed EHR

Virtustream EHR Service

Get the most from your mission-critical EHR applications by realizing the full potential of your EHR solution.

For hospitals and health systems to thrive, they must realize the potential of Electronic Health Records (EHR). EHR, fully implemented, improves the performance of clinicians, supports collaboration of care teams, and gives patients the transparency they want in their care. Rather than spending resources on just running your EHR, focus on using the EHR solution to improve quality of care and the patient experience.

Virtustream EHR Service

Virtustream offers a choice of managed services that can provide healthcare organizations what they need to transform their IT landscape and improve patients’ experiences while reducing costs.

  • Virtustream Healthcare Cloud with VMware Horizon View: This option is designed for customers that already have the necessary staff or partner resources to manage their EHR application, but require a cloud solution to modernize their business technologies. This option provides managed services for the underlying Virtustream Healthcare Cloud, including management of all infrastructure plus management of the computing platform that serves VMware Horizon View for their published applications.
  • Virtustream Healthcare Cloud and Virtustream Managed EHR Platform Service: This option includes managed services for the Virtustream Healthcare Cloud, management of VMware Horizon View for application delivery, and managed services for the EHR platform environment which includes the customer’s EHR system database plus the supporting ecosystem.