Complex technology initiatives like cloud and virtualization are a growing priority for organizations looking to innovate and decrease time to market. Residency Services, a part of the xStreamCare Services™ portfolio, enable enterprises to meet these demands by providing a credible, specialized expert who can address evolving IT requirements while spinning up new enhancements and features with little or no ramp time.

Residency Services provide relief for enterprises who don’t have the personnel or knowledge required to support their applications, databases, operating systems, and more. Backed by Virtustream, our residents deliver the expertise and skills required to fill these gaps.

Benefits for Your Enterprise

Procure On-Demand Cloud Talent

Immediately fill a gap in your workforce with a credible, specialized IT expert who can resolve urgent, business critical needs while alleviating the existing IT staff’s workload

Expand Access and Knowledge Base

Extend Virtustream system and support access by having an expert with full visibility into Virtustream’s resources, in addition to knowledge of upcoming features, enhancements, solutions, and services

Selected to Suit
Your Needs

Virtustream's residents are trusted experts in the areas of mission-critical SAP applications and cloud technology, and have the skills and expertise you require for someone handling and working directly with your organization’s most sensitive and business-critical data. As part of our Residency Services, Virtustream conducts a four step assignment and screening process, individually selecting a resident or multiple residents that meet your technical requirements.


Stabilize IT Staff During

Transformational Projects

Enterprises looking to transform their business, applications or providers often turn to on-staff personnel to manage and handle this evolution. Virtustream’s residents can take on this responsibility and fill any knowledge gaps existing IT staff may have regarding new applications or technologies.

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